Boost Your School's Presence: Top 5 Viral Trends on TikTok and Reels

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Imagine that you had the opportunity to reach thousands of students and get them talking about your school to each other – this is your chance to try TikTok. It’s the go-to platform for connecting directly with Gen Z (your prospective middle and high school students) and millennials (your prospective parents). 

Did you know that over 1.5 billion people use TikTok every month, and they're on it for almost an hour a day? The engagement rates are off the charts, way ahead of Facebook and Instagram. Plus, over 60% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. That means TikTok is an ideal spot for schools to engage with prospective students right where they’re most active. 

Now, let's dive into five recent trends that can help your school grab attention and boost engagement right now. (Remember that trends change quickly on TikTok – you can jump on these examples, or you can use them for inspiration that can be applied to the next round of trending content.)

TikTok Trend 1: “No one has made this dramatic of a change” Jojo Siwa audio

Jojo Siwa's latest audio from an interview is going viral on TikTok with over 30,000 videos and millions of views – it's the perfect opportunity for schools to showcase any significant transformations. Jojo Siwa released a new song all about rebranding and reinventing herself, and it's a theme that can resonate with a lot of people and brands. 

So, how can schools jump on this trend? Leverage this audio as a clever way to show how your school has evolved – whether it's through significant updates like a renovated campus or a new logo, or even smaller yet meaningful changes (think: a revamped cafeteria menu). This can be great for schools that have recently made improvements and want to announce them to parents, students, and alumni.

TIP: If you want to try out this trend, keep your captions simple and direct. For the most visibility, include your school's branded hashtags along with #jojosiwa. And most importantly, find eye-catching photos or videos ready to show your school's transformation.

Here’s an example of a brand successfully using this audio.

TikTok Trend 2: “We’re X, of course we Y” 

This trend isn’t tied to any specific sound. Instead, you can record someone saying, "We’re [group identity]. Of course, we [action]." It's a great way to show the unique, funny, stereotypical, or unexpected elements that define your school’s culture.

Here are a few ways you can jump on this trend:

  • “We’re private school students. Of course, we have community service projects every semester.”

  • "We're a boarding school. Of course, we have midnight study sessions in our pajamas." 

Include 2-4 examples with different students in the video, highlighting different slices of their student life.

TIP: While following this trend, remember to keep things light, upbeat, and inclusive. It's good to keep it welcoming – so avoid highlighting elements that might feel too exclusive, or that could come across as flaunting privilege or bragging. Instead, focus on the experiences that bring everyone together and celebrate the spirit of your school community. That’s the way to keep it positive and make everyone feel included.

If you’re considering this style for your next TikTok, here's how other people are doing this trend.

TikTok Trend 3: "Twin, Where Have You Been" 

Want to show some familiar faces around your school in a fun and casual way? Take part in the "Twin, Where Have You Been" TikTok trend. 

This theme plays on the concept of "twinning" – finding similarities or unexpected matches within your school community. Plus, you get to spotlight those well-loved figures in your school community, from your beloved cafeteria staff to your school mascot. It’s a fantastic way to stir up engagement, and get your current students commenting, liking, and sharing.

Here’s how you can bring this trend to life at your school:

  • Feature your school’s mascot popping up in unexpected places or returning from an event

  • Spotlight favorite staff members in humorous or heartwarming scenarios

  • Capture coincidences, like students and staff showing up in matching outfits

To help you caption these playful moments, here are some ideas:

  • POV: Your mascot comes back from the cleaners

  • POV: When you see your favorite coach after a long weekend

  • POV: When you show up wearing the same outfit (this is especially effective if you have school uniforms!)

  • POV: When both of you enjoy [insert a school value or a popular school activity]

  • POV of a student: Us after not seeing our teachers over summer break

By adding these types of TikToks to your school's social media feed, you'll boost spirit and also make everyone feel more connected.

Here are a few examples to help you get started. 

TikTok Trend 4: "Hey it’s me" Audio

Millions of views and 700,000 videos later, this "Hey, It's Me" trend/audio has inspired many people to use it to show off amazing transformations and unique things. And for your school? This is an opportunity to shine and let viewers know what makes you special.

Here are some cool ideas to get you started:

  • Unique Facilities: Clips or photos of your high-tech science labs or sports fields

  • School Traditions: Fun or unique school traditions

  • Exclusive Programs: Highlight those one-of-a-kind programs you offer, like a student-run eco-project or a coding workshop

  • Gorgeous Campus: Show off your beautiful campus with clips of historic buildings, new modern spaces, or peaceful gardens

TIP: You may also want to try out TikTok's photos feature. It lets you stitch together multiple images or one post – perfect for this audio. 

Here are some examples of people using this trend.

TikTok Trend 5:  Top Study Spots on Campus Trend

Show your campus' top study locales! This trend isn't tied to any particular audio, so it's ultra flexible and a great way to highlight your school's special spots.

Here’s how you can create a captivating showcase of your school’s study spots:

  1. Hidden Gems: Start by talking to your students. Ask them about their favorite areas for studying — the cozy, quiet, or scenic spots that may not be featured in your viewbook, but are loved by the students and staff who use them.

  2. Incorporate Fun Facts: As you show each location, add in some fun facts. Maybe it's a spot in the library with a historical element, or maybe there's a café on campus that's a favorite among alumni. 

TIP: For a personal touch, have a student do your voiceover. They can share their own experiences and what makes each spot ideal for studying. Combine this with B-roll footage of each study area – the more visually appealing, the better.

Here are a few examples to inspire you:

When it comes to TikTok trends, remember to keep it fun, keep it fresh, keep it positive, and make sure your content really captures what your school is all about. Grab your phone and create some fun and engaging content. This is a fantastic way to blend traditional educational values with the fun of modern digital trends. 

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