B2C/Ecommerce Campaigns

Fifteen years ago, retail marketing channels had very few touchpoints. Today’s customers take a multi-device journey towards a purchase that might begin on a smartphone, laptop or tablet. That journey will progress through many ads and media channels before the buyer makes a decision to purchase.

Seasonality for retail campaigns is dictated by the industry but almost always involves a big fall push leading up to Christmas and Boxing Day. Other events and holidays promoted year round include Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and anniversary events.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) campaigns follow a proven calendar set by the retail industry. Campaigning to this calendar means planning months in advance so your business can see, compete and position yourself against what your competitors are doing. Getting in early gives you the best shot at optimizing ads so you can allocate funds where the highest conversion rates are. By fine-tuning campaign messaging and images, you can respond in real time to what people like the most and get in front of more ready-to-buy consumers with the right message at the right time. 

Retail campaigns involve higher volumes, more tactics and more management than any other campaign type. This is because retail audiences are larger and more passive, so you typically start with a wider net of customers who are researching your product. B2C and ecommerce campaigns leverage the widest range of customer data (demographics, affinities, lookalikes, etc.) to create this wide net and pull in new prospects. We continually fine tune and optimize these campaigns, using data to make the best decisions.

The Metrics

Year-over-year metrics for a number of Manitoba retail clients have been impressive.

Carstar Collision & Glass ran a campaign that increased impressions by 700% and generated a conversion rate increase of 278%.

Chicken Chef restaurant saw menu item views go up by 487%, and clicks to order online increased by 268%.

Quarks/Urban Trail increased overall traffic to its estore by 25%, increased new e-store traffic by 20% and boosted e-store revenue by 47%.

Long-standing family jewelry store IJL increased traffic to its site by 102%, new users by 101% and product inquiries by 100%.

The Quarks Group
Chicken Chef
CARSTAR Collision and Glass Service

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