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When I finished my marketing degree - with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship - at The Asper School of Business in 2008, I didn't know anything about the internet! So I went looking for experts to learn from. Now, more than a decade later, I'm confident enough to say I know some things about the internet.

Since 2008, I've learned a ton from private sector businesses across Canada. I've been involved in hundreds of website projects (fun fact: Metric started as a web development company), developed advertising and brand work for countless industries, and enjoyed crazy learning experiences - from launching an airline to helping a global manufacturer structure their co-op campaigns and strategies. And since 2012, I've applied myself to learning from (and about) private and independent schools around the globe.

Altogether, these lessons have given me - and Metric - a clear vision of our mission: we’re here to help schools grow.

The people who work in this industry are terrific; the math that drives our partnerships makes so much sense, and - if I can sound a little arrogant for a moment - my experiences over the years have honed my philosophies, systems and strategies to a point where I know I can help any school achieve their goals.

If you’ve read this far and are still going, I thank you (and please note, this word count was chosen to meet the average time-on-page for a converting user, according to Google Analytics… I’m a metrics guy, remember!)

I love teaching and sharing what I’ve learned, and I'm a practiced and professionally trained speaker, so I hope you enjoy listening to and reading some of the work I’ve developed alongside our wonderful partners!


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