Metric + NAIS Podcast: How Schools Can Maximize Their Recruitment Strategy

Private Schools Marketing

In this episode of The Trustee Table—a National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) podcast—our VP of Accounts, Kevin MacNeil, talks about the admissions and enrollment challenges that independent schools face today. He also discusses how to leverage marketing budgets and how to keep current and prospective families engaged.

Metric + NAIS Podcast

Listen to the full podcast (Apr 25, 2021):

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About Metric 

We specialize in results-driven marketing campaigns for private and independent schools across North America. We can identify and improve the quality of data your school uses so you can make better marketing decisions. 

Metric’s Results in the Past Six Months*   

  • 975 conversions through paid channels 

  • 2,531 conversions via paid and organic traffic

  • Cost per conversion rates as low as $42.26

  • *Jan 01 to June 21, 2021


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