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Today’s financial market is more competitive than ever before. More and more, your members are turning to smartphone apps, search engines and social media—instead of tellers and brochures—to learn about and engage with financial products, services, advisors and brands.

As credit union and financial service experts, our goal is simple. We’re here to help credit unions like you position themselves more competitively and market themselves more effectively.

Why Metric

Proven track record

We specialize in serving credit unions and have a firm grasp of the financial services market, so we can help you leverage your strengths to stand out from the crowd and give your members the experiences they desire.

Digital platform experts

We are experts in utilizing industry-leading credit union digital platforms—including Central 1, Forge, cumulus and Backbase—to the fullest possible advantage, understanding their limitations and developing integrated solutions.

An extension of your team

We work collaboratively with your team, augmenting their strengths and equipping them with tools and insights that will help them make better decisions today and down the road. We are right-sized to provide you with both personal attention and world-class executions.

Focused on what matters to you

Our data-driven approach helps you better understand your existing and potential members, build stakeholder trust and buy-in, work more efficiently with laser-focused tactics, and prove ROI in measurable, meaningful terms.


By creating breakthrough creative that’s grounded in research and guided by your goals, we enable you to connect with members and prospects at critical points in their decision-making journey, with messaging that helps drive conversions.

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How We Can Help
Your Credit Union

We employ a repeatable marketing philosophy that pinpoints the audience behaviours and decisions that lead to conversions. By identifying this key data and establishing benchmarks and KPIs at the start, we enable you to work with laser-focused precision and streamline conversions. We then execute and optimize your campaign based on our findings, continuously measuring performance and responding to the data that results.

Step One:

We mine the data to identify and measure the behaviours that lead to conversions, then set your benchmarks and KPIs accordingly.

Step Two:

We work with your team to refine your purchase experience to streamline those conversion points.

Step Three:

Our strategic, creative and digital experts develop your organic and paid channels, with breakthrough creative and messaging that addresses key decision drivers.

Step Four:

We go back to the start, evaluating what’s working and what isn’t, then adjusting as needed.

Strategic Recommendations
For Your Credit Union

Our NASA process allows us to produce strategic recommendations based on your specific needs. Through discovery sessions, real-world data and a collaborative approach, we’ll work with your team at no charge to develop an annual plan focused on your objectives.
This process demonstrates our value as a best-of-breed partner and helps you to develop a marketing roadmap focused on achieving results.

Step 01:

  • Identify current obstacles, challenges and opportunities

  • Define roles and team strengths

  • Discuss current industry trends and insights

  • Share initial findings on your school

Step 02:

  • Walk through your analytics, compared to Metric’s analytics, to see how far your customization has come

  • Present school measurement planning examples

  • Discover your current acquisition strategies and opportunities

  • Review your current behaviours and opportunities

Step 03:

  • Recommend formal strategy and determine strategic partners

  • Present costs associated with every strategy for budget building

  • Review annual timelines by project

  • Discuss various approaches presented so priorities can be decided upon

Step 04:
Annual Plan

  • Select strategic priorities between teams

  • Finalize budgets based on strategic priorities

  • Create annual strategy calendar

  • Distribute work between teams

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