Metric’s Guide to Developing an Annual Marketing Plan - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Next Steps

Now that you’ve written your marketing plan you’ll need to prepare yourself for the next half of the battle– implementation.

The implementation of a marketing plan can get quite comprehensive and we plan on creating a follow up resource detailing how Metric manages and implements these marketing plans within our agency.


Remain Focused:

Stay focused, be agile, and be ready to adapt. Keep in mind that things might not happen “as planned” (remember the risks and threats you outlined in your SWOT analysis?). There are a number of variables that could come into play that may see you changing your course.

Create a calendar:

You’ll want to rough out an implementation plan and list out your action items in a calendar. We create calendars for all of our marketing plans where we lay out the strategies and tactics visually. We set times to review the calendars every month as a part of our review meetings.

Get Feedback:

Approach a third party for feedback about your strategy– they may be able to spot any gaps or weaknesses that you can’t see. Whether this is a colleague, a manager, or even someone outside of your organization, the more eyes and the more feedback you get the better.