Metric's Guide to Analytics and Reporting - Chapter 6

Chapter 6


When you have a clear measurement plan, reporting should be simple and straightforward. Tailor your reports depending on your audience. Meeting with the CEO? They’ll likely want to see reports that speak directly to how marketing efforts are affecting the bottom line.

Discussing data from an email campaign with your digital specialist? They might be more interested in open rates and click through rates. Reporting should be relevant, valuable and actionable to your audience. Read more about how to tailor your reports based on your audience.


A well setup (and maintained) analytics platform can help identify what isn’t working on your online properties by showing how users engage with your online platforms, and more specifically, your promotional efforts. These insights can be used to optimize the experience for your current users based on how they currently engage with your site.

Having read this resource, you should now know how to go about creating your own measurement plan by identifying your business objectives, goals, and key performance indicators that will allow you to accurately evaluate the success of your initiatives.

You should also take away an understanding of some of the most valuable metrics to focus on for different digital mediums, including email, social media, blogs and websites, as well as strategies and tactics for leveraging them to optimize your digital marketing efforts.