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In 1999, less than 250 million people used the internet worldwide and if you wanted to go online, dial up was how you’d do it. It was also the year our company was founded. We appreciated how the communications landscape was changing and not only wanted to be part of it, we wanted to lead the charge. 

By the mid 2000s, we were building content management systems and optimizing sites for search engines before Wordpress and Google were part of our everyday lives. And as we grew, businesses began coming to us to not only create an online presence for them, but to develop strategies that would help them market their product or service to an increasingly connected world.

We began diversifying our skill sets and enhancing our offering. We used our expertise and experience to develop multi-channel digital marketing campaigns and engage in enterprise level search marketing projects. And while our processes and the way we work with clients have evolved a lot over the years, our purpose remains the same: to deliver metric driven marketing and breakthrough creative to help sophisticated companies achieve growth. 

Now, more than a decade and a half after our doors first opened, we’re still fully immersed in this brave new world. Our agility and passion have enabled us to build a powerfully adept team of digital marketing and creative professionals. And every day, we strive to lead with ideas, put them in front of the right people at the right time and measure ruthlessly against the results. 

Metric's Executive Team

John has been pivotal in the focus and growth that the company has experienced to date and is heavily involved in the sales, marketing, and the strategic direction of Metric.
John McDonaldPresident & CEO
Justin oversees agency agreements, design and execution of marketing projects. He enjoys most supporting Metric associates in providing value to clients and pitching exciting new ideas.
Justin NedeckyDirector of Operations
Kevin is well-versed in assessing marketing challenges and opportunities. His job is to ensure that Metric Marketing is the right fit for prospective clients by putting himself in the client’s shoes.
Kevin MacNeilVice President Accounts
Matt is in charge of all things creative at Metric. He oversees the agency’s creative product and takes strategic marketing plans and interprets them into “big ideas”.
Matt CohenCreative Director
Our friendly office greeter, always wagging his tail. He even likes the mail man.
DougChief Greeting Officer (CGO)

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