Creating the Ultimate Email Welcome Series: 10 Easy And Actionable Ideas For School Marketers

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Like a spoken greeting and a handshake, your school’s email welcome series creates a powerful first impression that can go a long way in moving potential families through the admissions funnel. 

We’ve compiled our 10 most effective, simple strategies you can use to create an engaging email welcome series for your school. Whether you're creating your first welcome series or looking to level-up your current one, these ideas will help you make the most of your time, efforts and resources.

Why Your Email Welcome Series Matters

A welcome series is a handful of targeted emails (usually three to five) that users receive after signing up for your email list. The goal is to help move people more quickly down the admissions funnel by creating a standout impression of your school, answering common questions, and welcoming families into your community.

Automating your email welcome series is essential to help your marketing and admissions teams maintain a consistent flow of communication and build audience affinity with minimal effort. Many school marketers segment their email marketing lists (for example, according to student age) and create a bespoke welcome series for each segment. Learn more about email automation.

Getting in touch with potential families quickly and regularly will enable you to nurture their interest and guide them smoothly through the enrollment process. Here are some ways you can make that happen.

10 Welcome Email Techniques to Try Today

1. Get Personal

Start your series with a warm email to new subscribers. Address them by their name and thank them for choosing to join your email list. Let them know how thrilled you are to have them as part of your school community, and assure them that they are now part of a supportive and engaging network.Emphasize the value they bring to the community and highlight the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. By making them feel valued and appreciated from the very start, you set the tone for a meaningful relationship.

2. Introduce Your School

Stand out with an overview that leaves no doubt about what sets your school apart and why it's the perfect choice for students seeking an exceptional education. Highlight your school's compelling mission, core values, diverse range of academic programs, and exciting extracurricular activities. Communicate your unparalleled offerings. Don't forget to showcase any notable achievements or accolades that distinguish your institution. 

3. Tell Your Story

Share the story behind your school, delving into its rich history and remarkable milestones. Use storytelling to engage and emotionally connect with new subscribers, painting a vivid picture of the unique experiences and opportunities that await them.
By weaving in details, you can create a sense of belonging and forge a stronger connection right from the start.

4. Include Testimonials 

Consider including heartfelt testimonials from current students, proud parents or successful alumni who have been positively impacted by your school. These personal experiences provide social proof and instill confidence in new subscribers by highlighting the transformative power of your institution and creating a sense of community and belonging.

5. Provide Real Value

When sending content to your audiences, always ask yourself: “what would this person get out of reading this?” Offering a range of valuable resources and comprehensive guides can make it easier for your subscribers to take the desired action. Provide links to informative brochures, detailed prospectuses, virtual tours, and blog posts that answer common questions or meticulously address any concerns they may have.
By providing well-curated and helpful information, you empower potential families to make informed choices that align with their needs and preferences.

6. Introduce Key Staff and Faculty

Use your email welcome series as an opportunity to introduce key staff members who play a crucial role in the school community. You may want to start by highlighting the head of school, principal, or teachers - and providing a brief overview of their credentials, expertise, and passion for education. By adding this personal touch, new subscribers will feel an instant connection to the school community and gain a deeper understanding of the calibre of educators they'll encounter.

7. Highlight Upcoming Events

Keep new subscribers well-informed about the upcoming events and open houses at your school. By providing event dates, times, locations, and a brief description of what to expect, you can stay top-of-mind, increase their likelihood to attend, and build enthusiasm for your school as an active, exciting place. Don't forget to include strong calls to action (CTAS) and registration details or links to event pages where they can learn more and RSVP. 

8. Offer VIP Benefits

Provide exclusive benefits or incentives for being part of your email list. This may include access to early enrollment opportunities or scholarship information, so subscribers have a head start in securing these opportunities. You may also consider providing special discounts for registration fees or extracurricular activities, which can really make subscribers feel like they’re part of a VIP list. These carefully curated perks add value to the subscriber (and admissions funnel) experience and encourage continued engagement and loyalty.

9. Encourage Social Media Engagement

Invite new subscribers to connect with your school on social media platforms by including direct links to your school's social profiles. This helps make it easier for families to find and follow you, and provides an ongoing connection with your audience.

10. Call-to-Action for Next Steps

In order to effectively guide new subscribers along the enrollment journey, it is crucial to clearly outline the next steps you want them to take. Each email should provide specific and detailed calls-to-action that cater to their needs and interests. This could include:

  • Scheduling a personalized campus visit to experience your school firsthand.

  • Exploring the program pages on your website to gain a deeper understanding of the available offerings.

  • Contacting the admissions office directly for personalized guidance and support.

Offering these clear calls-to-action empowers new subscribers to take the necessary next steps toward becoming part of your school community.

Creating an automated email welcome series is a great way for under-resourced school marketing teams to stay in touch quickly and regularly with communications that move best-fit families down the admissions funnel. A well-crafted welcome series can be the key to building strong relationships with new subscribers and increasing enrollment rates. By implementing these 10 ideas in your welcome series, you can personalize your communication, highlight your unique offerings, and guide potential families through the enrollment process.

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