9 Reasons To Work With An Education Marketing Company

Private Schools Marketing

If you look around at some of the top marketing agencies of today, you’ll notice a standout difference: they’re increasingly steering away from being generalists and leaning into specific areas of expertise. And the benefits to their clients are myriad—from quicker turnaround times, to more streamlined integration with their in-house team, to greater ROI when all’s said and done. In this article, we examine the power of sector-specific education marketing expertise.

1. Hit The Ground Running

Educating a new agency about your business can take a frustrating amount of time. Agencies with a sector-focused approach do not have this issue. We speak your language and understand the landscape of which you are a part. Certainly, we must learn the nuances and idiosyncrasies of your specific school and challenges, but we’re not starting from square one. This eliminates lag time and makes it easier to hit the ground running in solving your marketing challenges.

2. Seamless Integration

Each sector uses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that are unique to their industry. In the private and independent school sector, there are three main software platforms: Blackbaud, School Admin and Ravenna. It is imperative that your marketing agency understands the platforms you use,—and their unique strengths and challenges—in order to use them to the fullest advantage. 

This expertise also comes into play when building websites. For each private/independent school, there are technical specifications that determine which website software will work best. By choosing an expert in private/independent school marketing, you’re minimizing the amount of troubleshooting needed, and ensuring all deliverables will integrate seamlessly with your systems from the start.

3. Team of Experts

In a generalist agency, an employee may work with businesses from multiple industries, all in one day. This creates a continuous, steep learning curve that taxes the team’s ability to focus, leading to more “on-the-fly” or miscalculated solutions. By choosing an area of specialty, education marketing companies ensure that each team member—from account executives and strategists to designers and writers—is trained and experienced in the ins and outs of your sector.  Each individual has a wealth of knowledge they can draw on to help maximize the return on your investment.

4. Proactive & Efficient

By being immersed in your sector, an education marketing company can see the trends that are affecting private and independent schools across the board.  This means we can identify and address challenges before they become problems, and develop efficiencies that save you money and time. 

5. Positioning Experts

Brand positioning is the method an organization uses to differentiate itself from the competition. Highlighting your unique strengths and benefits enables audiences to better identify, connect with, and remember your school. By working with schools across North America, we’ve gained a clear view of the competitive landscape. This helps us pinpoint your best opportunities to stand out from the crowd. 

6. Right Place, Right Time

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to ad and messaging placement. Depending on your goals, audience, market and message, some mediums will simply work better than others. Marketing companies that specialize in your sector have both the experience and the foresight to develop a plan that gets your message in front of the right people, at the right place and time. And because this isn’t our first rodeo, less testing is required, leaving more time (and budget) to optimize your campaign.

7. Convert Leads Into Applications

A marketing company that is both sector-focused and sales-focused can help by not only introducing you to qualified leads; they can also bring those leads to convert with student applications. This is a unique skill set: “we can lead the horse to water and make it drink”

8. Leverage the Strength of Our Village

Marketing companies that focus on a specific sector are naturally exposed to other companies that provide services within that sector. This means we can introduce you to experts to help meet goals in other areas.

9. Financial Understanding

As a digital marketing agency for educational institutes, we understand that schools don’t run like traditional businesses. They have different revenue streams (such as tuition and donations) and organizational structures, which impact all areas of decision-making. By understanding how your school makes both money and decisions, we can work from the same page as you from day one. You can trust us to handle your budget as if it were our own, and ensure that everything we do works in favour of your financial goals.

Take the pain out of marketing by working with an agency that specializes in your field. Metric Marketing works with private and independent schools across North America to create impactful and measurable marketing campaigns. We’d love to talk to you about your school’s marketing needs. Please contact us to learn more and get started.


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