A Guide To Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your School

As a school marketer, your time is important, and resources can sometimes be tight. Juggling between multiple social media platforms, planning, content creation, and community engagement takes a lot of effort.

You also have to consider whether each social profile will reach your audience effectively. Each platform attracts different demographics, and choosing the right mix can make a big difference in how people interact with your school online, such as inquiring or booking a tour. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the specifics of each popular platform so you can choose the best fit for your school. Also, it’s important to consider how many platforms you can realistically handle. It’s tempting to be everywhere at once, but spreading yourself too thin can mean a drop in content quality and - subsequently - engagement.

So, Which Ones Are Right for Your School?

Consider Each Platform's Target Audience, Content, Features & Functions


Facebook connects individuals, families, groups and brands, making it the perfect place for sending out broad messages that still hit the mark. 

  • Audience: These days, Facebook really shines for those aged 25 to 54, which makes it a fantastic spot for connecting with parents and alumni. Plus, it's worth noting that many grandparents - who often play a key role in school decisions - are active on Facebook too. They use it to stay in touch with loved ones and explore new choices for their grandchildren.

  • Type of Content: Ideal for event announcements, long-form updates, and community building through groups.

  • Features: Events, Live Streams. 

  • How People Use This Platform:

    • Quickly access articles, images, and videos for information.

    • Connect with friends, family, and peers.

    • Keep up-to-date with news and current events.

    • Engage with their children's school communities through groups and pages.

    • Participate in discussions and virtual school events and access educational resources.

    • Connect with other parents to exchange tips and experiences.

    • Receive alerts about important school announcements and emergencies.


Instagram is all about visuals, perfect for showing off the creative side of your school.

  • Audience: Instagram is extremely popular with 18 to 34-year-olds, making it a hit for engaging current and prospective students as well as younger parents and alumni.

  • Type of Content: High-quality photos, Stories for timely updates, and Reels for video content are effective.

  • Features: In-feed posts, Reels, Stories, Live.

  • How People Use This Platform:

    • Share and engage with visually appealing content, mainly photos and videos.

    • Discover trends, brands, service providers and products.

    • Post visual stories and highlights, including children's school experiences.

    • Explore school Instagram accounts for behind-the-scenes content and student achievements.

    • Follow real-time school updates and event coverage via Instagram Stories.

    • Use school-related hashtags to connect with parents and students.

    • Participate in school-related trends, challenges, and initiatives.

    • Showcase school pride with posts about sports, performances, and academic successes.


TikTok is the place to be for viral content and a highly engaged young audience. It's the newest hotspot on the social media map (though at present it’s also subject to political and social scrutiny).

  • Audience: TikTok is ideal for reaching prospective students and launching viral marketing campaigns that catch their attention.

  • Type of Content: Short, engaging videos often leveraging trends and music.

  • Features: Videos, Live Streams, and Photos.

  • How People Use This Platform: 

    • Express creativity through short videos with music, effects, and filters.

    • Participate in challenges, trends, and memes.

    • Interact with creators, brands, and communities.

    • Share authentic moments from daily life, highlighting personal interests and experiences.

    • Connect with various communities and subcultures.

    • Follow accounts offering tailored, entertaining, and informative content.

    • Interact with content through likes, comments, shares, and duets.

    • Showcase school spirit with school-related challenges and academic highlights.


LinkedIn serves as the professional network where you can connect with alumni and boost your school's professional reputation. 

  • Audience: LinkedIn targets professionals, job seekers and older alumni, providing a space for networking and sharing higher education and career-focused content.

  • Type of Content: Posts about school, student and alumni achievements, school advancements, and thought leadership articles.

  • Features: Alumni group, photos, videos, events, job posting, reposting, share, messaging.

  • How People Use This Platform: 

    • Connect with classmates, teachers, and parents to build professional networks.

    • Discover job postings and career opportunities in the education sector.

    • Share professional and educational updates, including promotions and achievements.

    • Participate in discussions and groups about the school, school type, alumni, and parent communities.

    • Mentor students, offer career advice, and support school initiatives for alumni and parents.

    • Stay informed about industry trends.


X/Twitter is your go-to for real-time news and updates and quick bites of content. 

  • Audience: X/Twitter is perfect for instant communication and engaging with a broad educational community, including educators, parents, and potential partners.

  • Type of Content: Updates, news, and active participation in relevant hashtags or discussions.

  • Features: Tweets, retweets, messaging, polls, threads, photos.

  • How People Use This Platform:

    • Parents often use X to receive quick updates about school events, changes in schedules, and important announcements. They also engage in conversations by replying to tweets, which enhances community interaction.

    • Students use X/Twitter to follow school news and participate in school-led campaigns or events announced on the platform.

    • Educators and administrators: Share educational resources, participate in discussions, and network with peers in the educational sector globally.

    • Alumni: Stay connected with school developments and contribute to discussions around alumni events and school achievements.


YouTube is the top spot for entertaining, informative and educational video sharing. It's great for catching the attention of a wide audience group with highly relevant and dynamic content.

  • Audience: YouTube is extremely versatile, reaching everyone from parents and students to alumni, existing and prospective staff, and partners.

  • Type of Content: Educational videos, school event recordings, student performances, and informational content about school programs are highly effective on this platform.

  • Features: Videos, Live Streams.

  • How They Use This Platform: 

    • Discover informative videos about the school's academic programs, extracurricular activities, and campus facilities.

    • Watch tutorials and guides on topics related to education and child development.

    • Engage with the comment section to ask questions, share feedback, and connect.

    • Utilize YouTube as a source of inspiration and information for making informed decisions.

Keep in mind, the best social media platform for your school really depends on your communication goals. Don't be afraid to experiment and try out different ones to see what clicks with your audience, and your own content creation resources and abilities. And if you're looking for social media strategies that are just right for your school’s specific needs, feel free to get in touch with us anytime for a tailored social media strategy. 

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