Clickz Live New York Bound! Oh the learning that will happen…

Digital Marketing

Like many other SEMs descending on New York this week for the ClickZ Live Search Conference, I am anticipating walking away with an arsenal of fresh ideas and new tactics I can dazzle my clients and team with. Look out ROI, I’m coming after you!


So, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Old Friends Teaching New Tactics

It’s been 11 years since I attended my first SES NY conference. It would be hard not to meet a few new friends along the way. I was lucky enough to cross paths with @LaurenV a good few years back. This time around she will be leading the ‘retargeting’ workshop on Monday morning. Canne wait!

Brain Picking

I have a few challenges in mind I’m eager to hear other search professionals' take on. My sidekick Meghan will often hear me saying if we have this problem, chances are someone else has to Google It! The networking lunches will be my real life ‘Googling.’ Good luck to me!

Sharing the Love

Although I am known as a bit of a cold fish and am not much of a hugger (unless it’s a side hug...), in this instance the love is the knowledge. As much as I’m here to learn myself, I’ll be very happy if I can solve a few probs other SEMs are looking for answers on.

Parties & Broadway

What? I’m a hard working mom of 2 toddlers who has either been pregnant or parenting since early 2009. A big day out is Costco AND the Superstore!  There will be beers and broadway… and beers.

If you fancy following my antics this week, I’m @nicncher & contribute to @metricroi


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