ClickZLive NY - Days 2 + 3 - Time is Flying and so are the Tips!

Digital Marketing

Our Senior Online Marketing Consultant Cheryl shares the latest online marketing lessons from ClickZLive New York, a Global conference series designed by digital marketers for digital marketers.

Her favourite takeaways from days 2 + 3:

Adwords + umbrellas (or shovels in Winnipeg):

Advertisers can use Adwords scripts to adjust bids based on the weather! In practice, if you sell shovels in Winnipeg, whenever it snowed, the bids on your ads would increase making your company more visible to more searchers at the right time.

‘Buzzwords’ are flying around here:

Attribution modeling:

Using a set of rules to determine how you want to assign credit for sales or goal conversion.  Google Analytics by default attributes credit to the last click. However, you can change this to better suit your tracking. For example, if a visitor learns about your product through a social media campaign first, then does some research on Google for it by clicking your organic listing, then clicks on your paid ad that has a coupon in it before they make a sale, Google will only give credit to your Google Paid efforts even though some of your other marketing assets contributed to the sale. You might want to give all your channels equal value for credit or maybe you want to give 100% to just the first touch point.  Either way, you can make these changes now in Google Analytics and start tracking the full story.

I love this stuff...



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