ICYMI: Growing Your School through Data & Advertising (CAIS Webinar)

Private Schools Marketing

On December 7, 2023, three of our Metric team members partnered with CAIS on a brand new webinar: Growing Your School through Data & Advertising. Over the course of an hour, we were able to touch on three topics we get asked about a lot.

First up, Lindsay Wright (Creative Director) walked us through a case study to show how changing the way you advertise can change the type of applicants you are attracting to your admissions pipeline - and provided five actionable ideas to help influence your school's marketing efforts.

Jonathan Remis (Senior Account Executive) talked about the importance of messaging and positioning as the foundation for your marketing. Less than 10% of the private and independent schools we talk to have finalized brand messaging or positioning documentation - and it matters, especially because many school's priorities and strategic plans have shifted since we were all thrown into a global pandemic. Learn what goes into a great brand guide (with real life examples).

Finally, Haley Peloquin (Account Executive) took us through some real school data to show how a focus on conversion - and a few small changes - can result in more applications and more leads that your admissions team can target. She also showed a sneak peek at Metric's ROI Calculator - a tool you can use to prove ROI on your marketing efforts.

If you missed the live webinar, CAIS members can watch it now online through CAIS Connect (or reach out to our team anytime to deep dive into any of these subjects with us).


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