Living the Philosophy of Measurement in the Metric Office

Metric Culture

Metric encourages measurement in every initiative, be it a campaign, online content, or even support interactions with clients. The notion of what constitutes success, for our efforts and our marketing expenditures, is very important to us. We also live this philosophy internally in many ways. One of my roles as Office Manager is to measure and chart certain metrics within our organization.

I find one of the most important parts of Office Management is ensuring that time is not wasted by having an unorganized, dysfunctional office space. I can fully utilize the office by taking the time to ensure that every process, whether it be printing documents, or preparing a proposal, is streamlined to the most efficient capacity possible. I strive to cultivate an office culture that embodies the philosophy of Lean.

A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

Living the Lean organization philosophy, I am able to leverage everyone in the Metric team’s time so they are able to focus more on the most important part of their job: the client. By measuring our processes, it makes it possible for me to assess where we can improve in our everyday tasks. Collaborating with Metric associates is the best way to identify opportunities for Lean and also to get the overall goal aligned.

Another area I impact the Metric office by measurement is through the weekly Operational Scorecard process. This report measures how our employees are doing to reach specific goals they are to meet. In return, this shows how effective our use of time is and clearly identifies how our traffic scheduling can be improved. By analysing this report, the Metric directors can see how each department is operating and recognize trends to increase productivity.

Managing the incoming support of Metric’s digital clients can be highly active and at times these clients need immediate support. Websites are a lot like cars, you may be the best driver with no infractions or accidents, but suddenly your engine light comes on. Sometimes, websites can act this way and one of my jobs is to take the support requests and identify the priority. Engaging Metric’s Production Manager and programmers to ensure the proper understanding of the tasks is the often first step. Creating schedules, holding associates accountable to timelines, and most importantly, communicating to the client openly about costs associated and the timeline for completion. My goal is to support the client with transparent information about their requests and let them know that we have their back. Some of the best relationships I have with Metric clients is through support communication. Who doesn’t love to be the hero, right?

Office Management is really all about taking care of the things -- from people to tools -- that take care of the business. Whether it be helping out co-workers or rethinking how we work, I can make an impact on Metric’s processes. I can always rely on the constant support of my supervisors and staying as Lean as possible in all of my duties. By measuring, analyzing, and always improving, I know that success always follows.


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