Metric CEO John McDonald Sleeps Out To Benefit Change For The Better

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CEO Sleepout Metric CEO John McDonald will join one hundred and fifty high-profile Winnipeggers in the annual CEO Sleepout Thursday, September 18th.The annual event aims to engage the corporate community to rally about housing & employment issues for Winnipeg's homeless. It also raises funds to provide opportunities for the 3,000 - 15,000 people in our city without a place to call home.

Since 2011, the CEO Sleepout has raised over $400,000 to support Change for the Better, a Downtown Winnipeg Biz program that provides social agencies with funding to employ their participants.

"The money goes directly to giving people a job to clean up downtown, which I think is pretty cool. So if you donate $100, that creates 10 hours of work for someone to clean up your downtown, and make it safer too." Says John. This is John's second year participating in the sleepout and describes his experience last year as "amazing."

"It opened my eyes to the problems on our streets and the fact that every single person that is homeless has a unique story. They don't want to be there," he explains.

"I met someone that night who shared his story with me, and we've kept in touch since. He drops by the office every few weeks, and I offer him coffee, sometimes food, and a few minutes of conversation.  He's humanized the homeless experience for me. It's tough. I've tried to help him by giving him odd little jobs around my building and have tried to help him get him a job and back on his feet."

Since 2011, Change for the Better has employed over 40 people working to clean up downtown, with many of these individuals returning to school or finding permanent full-time work.

Watch to see how Change for the Better is changing lives in Downtown Winnipeg with your donations.

With the over 50% increase in registrants this year compared to 2013, Change for the Better has set their sights high with a fundraising goal of $200,000 for 2014.

McDonald's personal goal is to see more of what the homeless experience every night.

"This year, I want to experience more of the shelters. I went to Agape table last year, this year I'd like to see Siloam Mission and some of the other shelters in the city," John says.

To follow John on his journey, follow @metricmarketing on Instagram + Twitter.

Together, let's give a hand up, not a hand out, to Winnipeg's homeless. Support John with a donation to Change for the Better.


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