Metric x RRC Polytech: Sarah and Sasha

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The Metric team loves to host student work placements - a side effect of doing what we love, and finding an audience of people who tolerate us talking about it all the time. Earlier this month, we welcomed Sarah and Sasha - two students from RRC Polytech - for work placements with our team.


Our team loves to host design and communications students and it’s always a fantastic experience. We do our best to welcome them onto the team and let them see and experience as many aspects of our work as possible. 

It’s important to us to involve them in real projects, meetings, and discussions - so they can see what it’s really like to work at an agency, and if that’s a career path they’d like to explore in the future. And we benefit too! Hosting students here is always so rewarding for our team. Showing others what we do helps us fall in love with our work all over again, and the students bring so much positive energy with them. It’s also a way for us to give back and invest in the future of our industry, which means a lot to me - and to the rest of the agency. Winnipeg is full of incredible marketing talent and we’re lucky to work with some of the very best here at Metric.

This term, we hosted Sarah from the Graphic Design program and Sasha from Creative Communications. Both students were so talented and they jumped right into the experience. They joined us in a wide range of projects from designing logos to recording radio spots to mastering the art & science of search ad copy.


What did you think working at an agency would be like?

What I thought working at an agency would be like was something very serious. I thought it would be much more on the business side where you’d be focused on data, and you’d be very restricted in how you’d be working. Like an office job where everyone is focused on their own tasks. 

What was it ACTUALLY like?

What working at Metric was actually like was something much more fun. I found that everyone at Metric was like a family. You get the chance to talk with everyone daily with the start of the day meetings, going into the office and getting to eat lunch together, everyone is also focused on their work but relaxed with each other so that asking each other questions or just having a conversation about what’s going on seemed very chill.

What did you learn while you were at Metric?

While at Metric, I got the chance to learn about what a lot of agencies are doing in the industry as I got the chance to do some research work for Metric. Pinpointing some things that Metric could implement into their website and socials based on what I’ve noticed other agencies were doing. It made me realize how important it is to look around at what others are doing so that you can understand how to improve yourself.

What is one piece of advice that you'll take forward with you?

One piece of advice that I’ll take forward with me is to not be afraid to ask questions. Getting someone else to look over your work with anything you could improve on or just questions about things that you’re unsure about. Also just talking with your team and sharing ideas so that you can bounce off each other and broaden your view.


What did you think working at an agency would be like? 

I didn’t really know what to expect from working at an agency. I feel like the movies I’ve seen in my lifetime didn’t portray agency life quite accurately. I thought I’d be constantly stressed about what I’m supposed to be working on, or if I’m doing anything right. 

What was it ACTUALLY like? 

Starting my work placement at Metric Marketing turned out to be a completely seamless process. Looking back, I appreciate everything that was done by the team to make me feel welcomed and prepared for getting some work done. Everyone on the team was super friendly, helpful and open to my questions. Even working remote on most days didn’t feel stressful because I knew what I was working on for the day and I knew that I could ask for help any time. 

What did you learn while you were at Metric? 

I got to see more behind the scenes of how client work actually happens, how much coordination and communication it requires, and how much work goes into one client brief. I also learned some industry-related tips (and if you’re curious, I guess you’re gonna have to come work here too ;)) 

What is one piece of advice you’ll take forward with you?  

There were many little (and big) things I can take forward with me and learn from, but one thing that sticks out to me is understanding that when you’re working with clients, it’s important to ask the same question in different ways to make sure you have the fullest answer to guide your strategy. 

If you’re a student who is interested in securing a work placement at Metric - or if you’d like to join our team - please check out our Careers page and get in touch with our HR team.


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