Reporting from Pubcon PPC + SEO - Day 3

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Three days of energized and informative speakers, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, and #ppcchats over breakfast, Pubcon 2014 was a great experience for our Online Marketing Manager Cheryl. This was the conventions 15th anniversary and Cheryl is thrilled to pass on her notes from some industry heavy weights.

Here are her biggest takeaways from day 3 of seminars at the premier social media and optimization conference.

Facebook Ads

Speaker Alex Houg

Alex Houg's twitter

  • Hit core fans for $1 a day

  • Force bid to a CPC. CPM bids are sent to people who are most likely to engage. Start with a $100 bid to get the initial volume

  • Break down the metrics

  • Get your plumbing in place… site wide SSL, tag management, UTMs

  • Use holdback audiences to measure indirect lift

  • Dont hire a “social media guru”... call themselves that because they can’t spell “charlatane”

  • Amplifiy what fans say about you

  • Learn directly from Facebook

  • Get your content in the most trustworthy places



Speaker Erin Sagin

Erin Sagin's twitter

  • People aren’t implementing best practices on their Remarketing stuff

  • Even though we’re called creepy… be creepy! It works

  • Even at an impression cap of 8, you will only show up around 2 times during the day

  • Set your membership duration to 3x your average sales cycle

  • 3 Bold steps to boost your exposure:

    1. Be Aggressive

    2. Be Everywhere

    3. Be Persistent - extend membership

OnSite and Internal Search Analytics

Speaker Linda Caplinger

Linda Caplinger's twitter

  • Always use multiple property views including unfiltered, primary and for any subdomains you may be using
  • Use custom dashboards including a high level dashboard just for CEO and a more detailed dashboard for team members working on clients
  • Custom dashboards can be automatically sent directly from GA
  • Use custom segments for any campaigns you are runniing, for example, paid traffic or an email campaign
  • Make sure you GA accounts are linked correctly to Adwords & Webmaster Tools (seems obvious, but you would be surprised)
  • Google is switching over GA accounts to Universal, this should affect your data but you should also change the snippet on your sites - just in case!

Link Building 2014

Speaker Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Jennifer Van Iderstyne's twitter

  • Why do we really care about links?

    • Links mean more eyes, more traffic, more sales

  • Links with inherent risk

    • Anchor text

    • Directories

    • Networks

    • Guest posts (but not all)

  • Work on long-term initiatives

    • Anything worth doing is probably going to take time and resources to do right

  • Content anyone can build

    • Ahere is a reason why your product works and fits into the bigger picture

    • Find the perspective of why you should be included in the mainstream

    • Make it something people want to see

  • Get the content out there

    • Social media

    • Press

    • Customer loyalty

    • One-to-one contact

  • The approach is key

    • Trust

    • Personalization

    • Timing

    • The right content for the right people

A big thank you to all the speakers and people who made #Pubcon2014 an incredible experience. We're happy to share what we learned with you and can't wait to apply Cheryl's new knowledge to our new and existing clients.


Until next year....



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