Speaker Series: Branded Loyalty

Metric Culture

Kevin MacNeil, Metric Marketing’s VP Accounts, is at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Dare to Compete event discussing brand and how to market to an increasingly connected world.

There’s been a fundamental shift in the marketing landscape over the past decade. Customers are learning about products and services in an entirely different way. More and more, they’re building trust through research over relationships. In fact, two thirds of the buying decision are made before a customer even walks through the door.

While a lot of companies are using digital tactics to reach potential customers, the most successful businesses are the ones who appreciate that it’s not the technology that will put them ahead, it’s the data these tools provide and the insights they’re able to glean about their customers and buyer journey.

Some of the topics he’s touching on include:

  • Understanding your customer’s purchase path and what drives conversion
  • Defining your positioning and competitive advantage
  • Building a strategic plan based on research and assessment
  • Marketing using the “big seven” digital mediums
  • Supporting long-term growth through goal setting and measurement

See Kevin in person at 9:45am in room 4, visit us at booth 12 after the presentation or follow along on social media using the event hashtag #D2C2017

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