Webinar: Metric Marketing x Enquiry Tracker

Private Schools Marketing

Webinar: Metric Marketing x Enquiry Tracker

Using Data to Streamline Your Marketing & Enrollment Funnels

Thursday, April 13, 2023
2 PM (Eastern Time)

The customer journey for a prospective family that's considering your school actually goes through two separate funnels. The marketing funnel works through a series of channels, pieces of content, ads and messages that work together to usher a family from initial awareness, to consideration until a marketing conversion is reached. From that marketing conversion, the enrollment journey begins - a funnel that leads to a finished application or a signed contract. 

So many opportunities exist to help a family through these funnels - and with the right data, we can understand where a prospective family is dropping off on their way into your school... and create strategies to keep them on track (and get them through your front door on the first day of school). 

Metric Marketing and Enquiry Tracker have come together to provide private and independent school marketing and admissions professionals with the tools you need to gather the right data and improve your conversion rates.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Share best practices for data gathering 
  • Walk through examples of schools learning and making decisions through data 
  • Share real life case study examples from successful schools 
  • Leave you with the information you need to start making decisions based on data


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