#WFHLIFE: How We’re Staying Together While We’re Staying Apart

Metric Culture

1. Monday Morning Huddles

We start our week together on an all-agency video call where we get a chance to see each other’s smiling faces and share about what’s been happening at Metric. While this meeting typically lasts only 15 minutes, it’s a great start to our week and helps us feel connected to our larger team - and our larger purpose.

2. Morning Coffee Calls

Each team at Metric starts their day together. These quick 5-10 minute video calls help us set our goals and priorities for the day, call out any roadblocks or missing information, or highlight opportunities to collaborate on projects. We also check in as humans - something that’s so important as we work physically apart. It’s also kind of nice to have company while we knock back our first cup of coffee (or our third).

3. Weekly Team Meetings

Each team at Metric has their own weekly meeting where we’re able to share our wins, collaborate on ideas, ask questions, and connect as humans. Our digital team sets some time aside during their weekly meeting to play online group games

4. Welcome Surveys

Throughout the pandemic, Metric has been growing as an agency. We’ve welcomed nine new staff members since March 2020 - all of them onboarded virtually. Each one has completed a 25 question ‘welcome survey’ where they answer questions and share 25 fun things about themselves. It’s been a great way to find things in common… kind of the way you would in a pre-pandemic lunchroom.

5. Virtual Lunches

Throughout this year, John (our CEO) has been planning virtual lunches with individual team members. Again, it’s a small but important way to connect and have a chance to ask big and small questions about how things are going at Metric.

As the pandemic continues to shift and evolve, we know that our way of working together will too. At Metric, we are committed to taking these learnings forward - and we know that work will never look exactly the same for us. We think that’s something to celebrate!