Why Metric's Core Values Are So Valuable

Metric Culture

At Metric, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality ideas and products to our clients in order to best market their campaigns. The talent of our employees goes a long way, but none of our work is possible without our core set of values that provide a platform for us to be at our best. 

Many companies talk about having similar values - but in our case, these values are an authentic piece of our identity that we cultivate on a regular basis, not just words or an aspirational goal. It's like a personality. Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals, but these core values are things we all share - and they make a real difference in how we work together every day. They bring out the best in us… and that in turn helps us to produce the very best work for our clients.


Our jobs take up a large amount of our daily lives. That investment of time is too deep for us to spend all those hours doing something we don’t enjoy. At Metric, we want our associates to truly love what they do, regardless of their role in the organization.  

We define passion in the following terms:

  • Self-motivated to actively learn

  • Aspire to become a master of our craft 

  • Willing to listen to feedback from leaders and peers (and use it positively)

  • Focused on leveraging our skills to create the best work possible

Metric will support any of our employees who are willing to put the work in to fulfill their potential. If you want more training, we will happily support you and help make that possible. If you need new tools that make it easier to display your talents, we’re on board. 

We love to see our associates grow, both for their own development and for the work they will supply to our clients as a result. It all begins with the desire to get better every single day.


As much as we value having a passion for the job, it's also vital to us that our associates are living meaningful lives outside the office. It is a point of view informed by the experience and mindset of our CEO, John McDonald.

When Metric was founded in 1999, John had two young kids and he wanted to be present for as much of their childhood as possible - so Metric introduced a standard workday with a hard stop of no later than 5:30 PM, and they held themselves and each other to this. Most agencies did not adhere to this kind of routine at the time (and many still don't today). Even as modern workplace culture has become more intense and technology has made it very easy to be ‘on’ and working 24/7, we have maintained our position that every employee deserves to have a full and fulfilling life outside the office. This means stepping away from work and taking a break during our evenings, weekend, and holidays.

A healthy work-life balance is good for our people - and for our business - but it requires dedication to make our work hours especially productive so we really can log off at the end of the day. To do this, we encourage all our associates to develop these skills:

  • Be highly organized

  • Utilize WorkingSmart techniques

  • Actively learn how to use our project management tool to improve efficiency

  • Consistently achieve productivity goals

All this work pays off in a big way. On a personal level, not having the pressure of putting in unnecessary extra hours protects our physical and mental health and reduces the chance of burnout. It lets us spend time with our family and friends, work on passion projects, develop hobbies, get some exercise, or simply relax without the stress of work looming over everything.

An example of Metric's commitment to valuing balance is our implementation of a four-day workweek. Any associate can choose to compress their work week into four days and take Fridays off. We also pay overtime for any extra work that an associate chooses to take on (and yes, it’s a no-pressure choice). 

This core value of balance also influenced how we navigated the pandemic. Metric moved to a 100% work from home model in March 2020 - and when our office re-opened, we embraced a new flexible, hybrid work schedule that's here to stay. In this format, associates come into the office for one day a week (a Metric Culture Day) and they work with their team leader to customize the rest of their schedule to be either in the office, at home, or a combination of the two.


They say that you spend more time with your ‘work family’ than with your real family. We don’t know who ‘they’ are… but ‘they’ are right. The ability to build relationships and contribute to a positive office culture is one of the main things we look for in our associates.

It’s great to be great at what you do, but it’s just as important to understand how to be a good teammate. Having the emotional intelligence to collaborate well with others, avoid becoming egotistical about who comes up with the best ideas, and being respectful to your fellow employees and clients at all times helps to create a culture that’s fun to work in - and produces excellent results.

Metric works hard to maintain an in-house culture that brings the best out of everyone - and every team member contributes to this every day by putting the team’s goals ahead of any personal goals and actively growing relationships within our core teams and throughout the business. 


Our core values make Metric a great place to work, and a great agency partner to help you reach your marketing goals. We analyze performance data and use that information to create effective and unique advertising campaigns across North America - working with private and independent schools, credit unions, and other industries.

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