Metric Insight Reports

Make sound decisions with the data that matters.

What is Insight Reporting?

The Metric Insight Report is a quarterly marketing review tool that gives your business knowledge through data. Insight reporting doesn’t just spit numbers out, the opportunities and challenges found in the data are highlighted by Metric’s team of experts in written summaries. 

More than just a summary of campaign performance, the Insight Report is a powerful tool that lets you see which aspects of your marketing are working, while providing actionable insights to help you improve performance. Get the data-based knowledge and direction you need to make sound decisions about your marketing budget.

Collaborate and Make Better Decisions With Your Team

For CEOs and Business Owners

  • Make better decisions based on data that is relevant to your business

  • Direct your team on the objectives and outcomes that matters most

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed

  • Get relevant information you can act on quarterly or whenever you need to be involved in marketing activities and decisions

  • Build a solid framework for making better decisions about your marketing

For Marketing Directors

  • Empower your team with relevant data about customers and prospects

  • Bring useful insights to the decision-making table 

  • Back your team’s marketing decisions and recommendations with hard data

  • Discover new challenges and opportunities that arise from your data

  • Build credibility for your budgetary needs based on relevant data

Inside the Insight Report

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find inside a Metric Insight Report. Reports are typically generated every quarter, depending on the campaign or need for assessment.


Google Search (Pay Per Click) Campaigns

Google Search Ad data breaks down advertising by channel. Above, we’ve analyzed the success rates of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for various search campaigns. Data showing search terms used by your competitors is also available.

Results are presented in context with comments to help you connect the dots. But tracking impressions and clicks is only the secondary goal. Our primary goal is always to generate conversions, which means the actions you want your audiences to take, such as clicking to your website to call you, fill out a form, watch a video, sign up for a newsletter, get a quote, etc. We help organizations that are stuck reviewing key performance indicators rather than understanding the role different data points have in driving the outcomes that matter to your business.


Conversion Paths

Conversion paths—like the ones above for Paid Search and Paid Social—show how different channels work together and which paths your audience has taken towards conversion. 

“Assisted conversions” represents the number of conversions for which a paid search channel appeared on the conversion path but was not the final conversion interaction.


Ad Performance

When it comes to ad creative (i.e., images and messaging), we continually test the ads that are in market to see how well they’re performing. As the campaign progresses, we optimize the ads by focusing budget on the highest performing ones to get higher conversion rates. Clicks, CTRs and impressions are important, but the greater goal is always conversions.


Traditional Channels

Insight reports aren’t limited to measuring just digital data. There are ways to measure conversions from traditional media channels. For instance, by using unique URLs on ads for billboards, radio and buses, we know what ad users saw before they landed on a campaign or web page and we can track what they did there.


You can learn a lot about your audience and really understand who they are through audience demographics. We use demographics to build buyer legends and customer profiles that are backed up by data such as age, location, gender, what devices they’re using and their interests. This helps us target users more accurately, which increases the likelihood of conversions because we’re building a highly qualified audience to target your ads to.


Web Traffic Map

Whether you are an owner, CEO, organization head or marketing director, you’ll find it interesting to see where your customers and prospects are located. The Web Traffic Map shows you where everyone visiting your website comes from, not just close to home but around the world.


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