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Data is the new standard in marketing. Because an increasing amount of data can now be collected online, more advanced marketing strategies are becoming available. But data on its own is meaningless unless it can relate to the goals of your organization or business.

Measuring The Right Data
For Your Goals

Metric Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven marketing strategies and analytics integration. We can help you gain value and insights about your customers and prospects from their data so you can market directly to them with meaningful and timely content. 

But collecting, measuring and analyzing data is not a guessing game. If you’re not sure what your data means or what to do with it, an experienced digital marketing analyst can help. Here  is a short primer on how to measure the data that matters.

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Download Metric's 2023 GA4 Marketing Guide For Schools

When Google announced that they’d be sunsetting the Universal Analytics we’re all used to in July 2023 - triggering a mandatory update to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for all properties - every marketer in the world took a deep breath. We'd love to offer you a free downloadable resource to help your school's marketing team prepare for the update. This quick guide will walk you through the basics of upcoming changes with Google Analytics 4 - and give you a checklist to get ahead of mandatory upgrades that will be triggered in July 2023.

Get the Right Data for your Goals in Three Steps

The right data is what’s most important. With so much data to navigate, it’s critical to find and measure the types of data that matter for your organization and goals. We can help you gather the data you need to meet those goals using our three-step process.

Step 1: Build a Measurement Plan

We start by working with you to build a plan. It’s important to identify and customize the data that is going to be useful to your organization—which means it must be tied to your goals. So the first step in building your measurement plan is to identify your business goals.  

Next, we identify what data to track and measure. The data that’s most important to you is data that relates to your business goals. Our team of experienced digital marketing analysts can determine the events, behaviours and conversions that relate to your specific goals.

Once our digital analyst knows the kinds of data that will support your goals, the final step in building your measurement plan is determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed for those goal-related conversions to happen.

Step 2: Set Up Google Analytics

Next, we set up an analytics dashboard that’s unique to your organization and tied to your goals. Now that you have a clear plan—one that identifies the data, KPIs and conversions that connect to your goals—we can set up customized analytics to track and measure your data. Our digital analysts will configure Google Analytics for your web properties so we can measure all relevant conversions and events to track against your goals. We’ll build your custom dashboard and perform data cleanup. 

We analyse data for you in four key categories:


Acquisition data shows all the different ways in which someone reaches your website. This includes organic search, paid search, direct traffic, referral traffic, social media and email.


Behavioural data shows what’s happening on your website—what content is viewed, how much time users spend engaging with your content and videos, how far down the page they scroll, and how often they view only one page and then leave your site (“bounce” rate).


Conversion data shows the actions that visitors on your website have taken. This may include filling out a form, calling a phone number, requesting a quote, registering for a course or an event or making a purchase. These conversions should always relate to your goals.


User data provides information about your audience demographics, including the age, gender, location and interests (“affinities”) of those visiting your website. 

Data can provide a lot of information, but it will mean very little unless you’re able to connect the dots and understand how user behaviours did or didn’t lead to conversions— which are the outcomes that really matter. That’s why it’s extremely important to work with an experienced digital marketing analyst who can establish and measure the right outcomes for your goals. If your conversions don’t have anything to do with your goals, you’ll just be wasting your budget.

Step 3: Gain Insights Through Reporting

The final and most important step is generating the insights about your data that influence your business goals. The Metric Insight Report is our reporting tool for organizations like yours. You can use it with your key stakeholders to collaborate on milestone reviews and to keep everyone informed and updated on a regular basis. 

The Metric Insight Report provides not only charts and statistics, but also helpful context for your data and how it connects to your business goals. The report also highlights opportunities and recommendations. Overall, it’s a powerful tool that shows which aspects of your marketing are working well and where performance might be optimized or improved. 

Make Data-based Decisions  

The Metric Insight Report plays an important role in bringing together different teams and departments to collaborate, review relevant data and make informed decisions about budgets based on hard data from websites and marketing campaigns. It’s an invaluable tool for keeping executive teams, board members and stakeholders informed and able to make highly qualified decisions.

Make Better Decisions That Serve Your Business Goals

If you’ve struggled with traditional advertising in the past, it’s likely your data and analytics were either not properly set up or not tied to meaningful goals. Remember that any marketing effort must always be tied to goals, and your KPIs should work together to generate conversions that support those goals. Metric Marketing and our team of digital marketing experts can help you build a measurement plan, set up analytics and gain the insights you need for successful marketing campaigns.

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