Credit Union Campaigns

Audiences and Seasonality

As is the case for any type of campaign, the touchpoints for credit unions depend on who your audiences are and what goals drive your credit union marketing. 

Campaign seasonality has been determined over time by the industry—mortgages in spring is one example—but what has changed is when to advertise. One of the marketing advantages we provide for credit union clients is that we build our advertising funnels early so we can see which competitors are starting to build awareness well before the season’s peak.

This means we’re already there, helping build familiarity with credit union audiences while they’re researching rates. They may not take action at this point, but they’ll remember and recognize the name of the credit union already in market. We might even be able to move them towards consideration by inviting them to contact our credit union about rates, instead of letting them just continue their online search without any encouragement.

Four typical campaign types we run for credit unions are Deposits (RRSPs, TFSAs, family savings plans, RESPs) in winter, Mortgages in spring, Borrowing (student, ag and commercial loans) in summer and New Members in fall. Each of these campaigns speak to a different buyer on a different journey, so we tailor our campaign touchpoints and calls to action to the needs and interests of each audience as they relate to the credit union’s campaign goals.

For more information about how we help credit unions with their marketing, visit our Credit Unions page.

Step One:

We mine the data to identify and measure the behaviours that lead to conversions, then set your benchmarks and KPIs accordingly.

Step Two:

We work with your team to refine your purchase experience to streamline those conversion points.

Step Three:

Our strategic, creative and digital experts develop your organic and paid channels, with breakthrough creative and messaging that addresses key decision drivers.

Step Four:

We go back to the start, evaluating what’s working and what isn’t, then adjusting as needed.

The Metrics

Our credit union marketing campaigns generated some staggering results.

Casera Credit Union garnered an impressive 487.88% increase in conversions via form submissions and phone calls.

Stride Credit Union saw mortgage calculator tool use go up by 34.48% and an increase of 318.67% in overall conversions through application submissions, appointment bookings and phone calls.

Stride Credit Union
Casera Credit Union
Cornerstone Credit Union

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