Private School Campaigns

All campaigns have touchpoints in common—messages, ad types and channels—along the customer journey. However, these will vary according to each private or independent school’s goals. For a campaign to be successful, it’s vital to know who your audiences are and to plan your campaign messages and touchpoints thoughtfully.

The sales funnel for marketing private schools typically functions year round, each with their own seasonality of open houses and admission deadlines against which to run recruitment and enrolment campaigns. 

Prospective families do a lot of research online. They’re especially invested in the familiarity and consideration stages of the customer journey, so we tend to focus marketing efforts there. The goal of private and independent schools is not just enrollment, however. They’re looking to attract students and families who will be a good fit for the school, so we also pay attention to demographic data such as location, household income and affinities.

We can help private and independent schools run specific recruitment campaigns, or we can provide full marketing support for schools with no in-house marketing capacity. Full support includes brand development, marketing collateral development and campaign planning, execution and reporting.  If your school has a marketing department, our role is to support your goals and augment your efforts with creative and digital expertise not available in house.

The Metrics

The results speak for themselves.

St. John’s-Ravenscourt increased the number of visitors to their website by 27% year over year and boosted the number of event registrations by 85%.

Hillfield Strathallan College increased the number of video views on their site by 197% between January and August of 2020.

Strathcona Tweedsmuir School increased the number of new site visitors by 21% and collective conversions (apply online, book a tour, newsletter signup, etc.) by a whopping 296%.

St. John's Ravenscourt
Hillfield Strathallen College
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

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