Campaign Development

Campaign development at Metric focuses on the customer journey, not on channels, ad types or tactics. Campaign is the term we use to organize various channels, messages and ads into one cohesive journey for customers. We integrate these with the customer journey to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

As our client, you’ll receive insight reports about who your customers are, where they’re looking for you and how they find you. You’ll also understand how your marketing meets your business goals and how ongoing campaign performance can be optimized.

A Holistic Approach to Advertising

Our goal in planning and managing your campaign is to make sure your customers and prospects will find what they’re looking for more easily. They’ll see your advertising in context with their search for a product or service. This is more successful and cost-effective than focusing on tactics and channels that might not even be connected to your customers and their research.

Specialty Areas for Campaign Development

Metric is unique in being able to blend creative advertising with digital and analytic capabilities to deliver targeted messaging to relevant customers at the moment they’re searching for specific information. We do this according to whatever user, behavioral, demographic or other data is the most relevant for your business goals.

We can plan and execute campaigns for any organization, in any industry, by creating ads that answer people’s questions as they search for information along their journey to purchase. We’re especially experienced with marketing campaigns for the following sectors.

Private School Campaigns

Credit Union Campaigns

B2C/Ecommerce Campaigns

B2B Campaigns

Manufacturer Co-op Campaigns

Ad Channels Serve The Customer Journey

In today’s marketing landscape, there are many advertising channels to choose from. But marketing isn’t a question of picking one channel over another because it’s popular or your competitors are doing it. It’s about understanding who your customers are, what they need and what they’re looking for, so you can deliver the messages they want, where and when they need them. 

The ad types, channels and tactics chosen for your campaign will be based on your goals and integrated within your customer’s journey. Ads may appear when a customer is just starting to search for your product or service and becoming aware of your brand. Or they might already be familiar with who you are, and they’re considering making a purchase. Or, they might be ready to make a decision, like purchasing a product, registering for an event or signing up for a newsletter.

The Value and ROI of Campaign Marketing

More than 417 million people in North America were using the internet in 2021. Because everyone is online, that means your customers are too. Whether you’re a private or independent school, a financial institution, a retail store, a B2B supplier or a manufacturer, marketing is about reaching your customers and prospects where they are, with information they’re looking for.

Campaign marketing has become increasingly sophisticated in the digital space. Most marketing firms today offer digital services based on mining customer data. But data is only meaningful if it’s relevant to your organization and its goals—and if you understand what the data means. 

We set up your campaign analytics to help you understand your data and then measure it against the business goals you’ve identified. We then regularly report on your campaign’s performance with relevant insights you can understand. You also learn what does or doesn’t work well in your marketing. We can then modify your campaign and optimize it on the fly, which guarantees improved performance.

Jumpstart Your Marketing Strategy

If you need help marketing your business or organization, get in touch with us to discuss a data-driven strategy that will give you the insights and results you’ve been looking for.

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