Creative Strategist

New Year. New Career.

Metric is on the hunt for a strategic, data-driven thinker to join our team. If you’re working in a marketing or communications role and looking for a new challenge, we have a desk waiting for you.

The Opportunity

As Creative Strategist, you’ll mix creative thinking with strong analytical skills to help our clients to communicate more effectively with their audience. Your primary role is to conduct company, competitive and customer research, translate these findings into clearly defined positioning and develop creative frameworks to bring the work to market. You’ll come to the table with a solid understand of traditional and digital media, as well as emerging technologies, and will provide tactical recommendations based on defined goals and objectives. This role is designed to grow, so if you want to too, apply today.

The Company

We’re a marketing agency that takes a strategic, digitally driven approach to producing work for our clients. We use research and analytics to inform our decisions, build strategies and positioning tied to clear goals and objectives and create breakthrough work as a result. As part of our team, you’ll work closely with a seasoned group of creatives, developers, strategists and marketers to help companies define their competitive advantage, strengthen audience relationships and create effective and engaging solutions for some of Canada's leading brands.

To apply, email your qualifications to hr@metricmarketing.ca - subject line "Creative Strategist" by Friday January 12, 2018.