Meet Metric’s Always-Remote Team: Gaurav

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Say hello to Gaurav, one of Metric’s Digital Marketing Specialists. Read more about his experience as an always-remote team member based in Vancouver, Canada – and how we all work to stay connected from a distance.

How did you decide to pursue an opportunity with a Winnipeg-based agency?

Honestly, I pursued the job because it was one of those opportunities that I knew would challenge me and help me step out of my comfort zone. I was also very impressed by the core values of Metric's culture: camaraderie, work-life balance and passion.

What were some of your concerns?

My only concern was about how I would coordinate with the team as a remote employee. But all of those concerns disappeared during my onboarding in the first couple of weeks after I started at Metric. I was introduced to meticulously designed processes and procedures, and have not come across any roadblocks while coordinating with the team or doing my job.

 What has it been like to work remotely for Metric?

It has been fantastic working remotely for Metric. I already have learned a lot and I’ve been able to work on and launch some amazing campaigns for our clients. Everyone is so welcoming, supportive and friendly that you always want to give your 100%.

What are some of the ways you stay connected to your Winnipeg-based teammates?

My teammates and I stay connected via emails, Google Chat and Zoom. We have daily online huddles where we connect and talk through our priorities for the day. If needed, we also organize one-on-one online meetings to discuss projects, introduce new clients and clear up any confusion. Also, I love our monthly team building exercises – it is really exciting to get to know your team members in these casual and fun sessions.

What advice would you give to someone who's considering 'always remote' work?

When you are always working remotely, you have to make sure that you are communicating very well with your team members. Since you are not in the office, those small hallway chats or quick visits to your co-workers' desks don't exist. Therefore, make sure you communicate continuously and effectively to inform others of important updates and get all the clarification you need to get going. The other advice would be to go out often, participate in social gatherings and interact with other humans. It is imperative for your mental health.


“Remote and flexible schedules provide employees with increased work-life balance, and we are happy to support our team no matter where they are located,” said Rannie Mymko, Metric’s HR Manager. “This includes offering remote team members the same benefits and perks that employees working locally receive and making everyone feel included.”

“We love having always-remote team members in our mix, and while it’s nice to hear why it’s a great fit for them, it’s a true win/win. The benefits to Metric include access to a larger talent pool and improved inclusivity, diversity, and exposure to different cultures – just to name a few.” 

She continued, “We also support the philosophy of working from anywhere – something that lets our local employees work outside of our home city. There are lots of reasons why this might be right for someone, from family needs to unique opportunities to simply needing a change of scenery for a few days. No matter the reason, offering this flexibility to work in a way that fits your life contributes to our culture of work-life balance.”

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