The Future of Work: Metric's 4/10 Program

We believe that people do their best work when they are able to choose where and how they do it. To that end, Metric encourages team members to create their own ideal working conditions. This could look like 100% work from home, remote work (either temporarily or permanently), hybrid home & office days, adjusted working hours, or our 4/10 program. Metric is celebrating the two year anniversary of our 4/10 program – an option that allows creative, strategy, and digital team members to choose a condensed four day work week (with ten working hours per day).

A few of our team members have opted into the 4/10 program - including Lindsay Wright, Metric's Creative Director.

"Opting into Metric's 4/10 program has given me more work/life balance than I've ever had," said Lindsay. "It's not something I'd really thought about before as an option - but that extra 'flex' day in my week has been a game changer as a working mom. I have a teenager, and having Fridays for me keeps our weekends open for her activities and lots of family time. As a result, I feel more present in each area of my life."

"I think it's a game changer for my team, too," she continued. "I believe in hiring great people, supporting and equipping them, and then empowering them to do what they do best - without getting in their way. Being out of office one day a week really bakes in that philosophy and creates ownership and autonomy. It's a great opportunity for people to collaborate with each other and run ideas past someone else on the team. Many leaders think something like this can't be an option for them, but we're proving that it's very possible."

"This is my own personal version of work/life balance. I don't think that ten hour days would be right for everyone - and there have been chapters in my life where this wouldn't have been ideal - but I hope that I'm practicing what I preach and modeling a healthy balance, for my team and for my daughter. That extra day in my weekends really allows me to come back on Monday feeling recharged and ready to go.”

4/10 has also been a great fit for Matt Gemmell, Metric's Analytics Manager.

“I started working a 4/10 schedule last summer. My partner and I were both working from home, and so we made the decision to stop sending the kids to daycare. This was great during the school year, but when summer hit, we were suddenly confronted with a very full house while we both tried to work and be productive,” Matt shared. 

“I had originally planned to work the compressed week just for the summer – so I could spend the extra day with the kids and let my partner have some quiet time to work. Now, almost a year later, I love the 4/10 model! The extra day when the kids are at school gives me uninterrupted decompression time that can be difficult to carve out when you have a whole life to live outside of work. In the summer, it gives us bonus time to do things that can be hard to fit into a busy weekend. Something I did not anticipate is that it gives me extra time in my work day to focus on projects after traditional office hours have ended. I have the time to support my team during work hours, and make progress on my own work as things wind down in the evening. I’m more productive during the week, and better rested after my long weekends.”

Every team member who has opted into Metric’s 4/10 program has different reasons for doing it and benefits in their own unique way. This is exactly what the agency hoped when it originally piloted the program.

“At the end of the day, we want to make work work for the people who are a part of Metric,” said Rannie Mymko, Metric’s HR Manager. “That is going to look different for everyone – so creating flexible options for people so they can choose what is the best fit for them is really important. One of our core values at Metric is balance, and this is one way that we live this out and bring it to life.”

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