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Living through the last two years in a global pandemic has changed us all in a lot of ways. One of the silver linings has been the explosion of flexible work opportunities. 

According to Statistics Canada, just 4% of employees worked remotely in 2016. By 2021, that number jumped to 32%. Fast-forward to today, and more workers and employers than ever are opting into #RemoteWorkLife. And there are good reasons for employers to consider these kinds of flex arrangements. A 2022 survey by Buffer found that 97% of employees prefer remote work, would recommend remote work to others, and would like to work remotely—at least some of the time—for the rest of their career. (And what’s the saying… happy employees, happy life?)

Since March 2020, Metric Marketing has hired 16 new team members—all recruited and onboarded remotely—and implemented a hybrid work model that enables our team to work from, well, anywhere! This is an option that some of our Winnipeg-based team members have used to their advantage in recent months. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience working for Metric while travelling the globe.

Rakho Uzzal (Topu), Director of Project Management, says the flexibility offered by Metric’s remote work structure enabled him to spend valuable time reconnecting with his family in Bangladesh. 

“I worked remotely from Dhaka, Bangladesh from December to January 2022 - mostly to be able to spend time with my family and friends. Due to the pandemic and my PR process in Canada, I hadn’t been able to visit home for 3.5 years. It was great to go back and spend Christmas with my family. We got to spend a lot of valuable time together. I also got to meet my nephew for the first time, and attend my friend’s awesome wedding! It was a relaxing trip with my entire family. 

“I’m grateful that Metric gave me the opportunity and the flexibility to do this. It has definitely re-energized my passion for what I do. I truly believe that sometimes little things - like offering remote work - make the biggest difference.”

Dinaz Mahudawala, Campaign Manager and Acting Digital Marketing Director, enjoyed a similar experience when visiting her family in India. 

“I visited my family in India in November 2021, when travel was just starting to open up after Covid. I’d originally planned on going for a shorter visit, but thanks to remote work options at Metric I was able to stay - and work - for over three months. I really maximized my time there by travelling frequently within the country - basically every weekend! As long as I had my laptop with me, I could work from anywhere. It’s awesome that Metric could make this possible.”

John McDonald, Metric’s Founder and CEO, recently embarked on a working vacation while visiting Panama with his family. 

“I worked remotely from Panama City, Contadora Island (close to where a recent season of Survivor was filmed), Santa Catalina and Cambutal. We encountered lots of expats living there who were originally from Australia, South America, Europe, USA and Canada - people who wanted to escape corporate America and live off grid. It was a very cool community.”

Senior Graphic Designer Tyler Persaud enjoyed some relaxing time with his family in Arizona, when he visited there for a month and worked remotely.

“I spent February in Arizona and got to enjoy quality time with my dad, relaxing by a fire, diving into my photography and eating the best Mexican food nonstop. 

“The change of scenery was also really good for my mental health. Work went smoothly - it basically felt the same as working from home - and I definitely experienced a clearer mindset while on this trip. Also, getting a tan in February is always nice.”


Like any workplace arrangement, remote can have its challenges. Studies have shown that the two things remote workers struggle with most are a lack of social engagement and career advancement opportunities. 

At Metric, we recognize and address these challenges in the following ways:

  • Culture Days: Once a week, all Metric employees are invited to join us in-office to meet in person, collaborate, and enjoy each other’s company (as well as any office dogs that join us!).

  • Optional Workspace: During the rest of the week, our office is always open to those who prefer to work there (let’s face it, we all need a change of scenery sometimes!).

  • Professional Development Support: Each team member is encouraged and supported in pursuing a personal, self-guided professional development plan—from attending conferences and enrolling in courses, to reading books and learning new skills.

  • Team Huddles: Every Monday, we meet (remotely) as a company to touch-base and share our wins. Each team also meets daily and weekly to go over highs and lows, and identify ways that Metric can help them succeed.

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Metric Marketing is committed to employee satisfaction and experience. Taking care of our employees and making them feel like part of the team from Day One is our priority when hiring. If you're considering your career options or potential partnerships, and want to know more about our company, feel free to contact us or visit our Careers page to learn about current opportunities.


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