Metric Culture

Metric x RRC Polytech: Sarah and Sasha

Meet the design and communications students who spent some time at Metric this semester! Read about their experiences - and find out why we think hosting student work placements is one of the best things we do all year.

Embracing Flexibility: Where in the World is Metric?

In an evolving work landscape, we are committed to flexibility. Discover how Metric team members have embraced the freedom to work from anywhere – and why it matters to us.

Inside Metric: Our Favourite Interview Questions

We take our interview process seriously (but never ourselves). Hear about some of our leaders’ favourite interview questions to prep for your upcoming opportunity to join our team.

Meet Gaurav, one of Metric’s Digital Marketing Specialists. Read more about his experience as an always-remote team member based in Vancouver, Canada.

Meet Metric’s Always-Remote Team: Abi

As Metric’s first US-based employee, Abi works from her home base in Connecticut – but we find ways to stay closely connected despite the distance. Read on to hear about her experience as an always-remote team member.

It’s one thing to have values at your company, but it’s another thing to practice them everyday. At Metric Marketing, we truly believe in growth – for our clients and their organizations, but also for our team members. Read more about the Metric experience with interviews from three of our dedicated employees who are growing their careers with us.

At Metric, we’re rewriting the age-old stereotypes of what working for a marketing agency is really like, one stay interview at a time.

Metric x RRC Polytech: Terrence & Josh

Metric & RRC Polytech: Student Profile

The Metric team loves to host student work placements - a side effect of doing what we love, and finding an audience of people who tolerate us talking about it all the time. Earlier this year, we welcomed a student from RRC Polytech’s Creative Communications program and Veronica stepped up as his mentor.

Where In The World Is The Metric team?

Remote work is here to stay! In this article, we review some benefits, challenges and things we’ve learned about setting up a successful remote (or hybrid) workplace.

Growing a Team During Covid (and beyond)

Since early 2020, Covid-19 has taken the business world by storm and disrupted the traditional hiring and onboarding process the majority of us were most familiar with. Although some time has passed and many companies have adapted quickly, it's important to take what was learned from the experience and implement it into future hiring and onboarding to improve new hire experiences.

7 Reasons to Work at Metric

With remote work becoming our new reality, you have more choices than ever about where you want to work. At Metric, we’ve worked hard to create a workplace where people truly love what they do, where they do it, and who they do it with.

Why Metric's Core Values Are So Valuable

Many companies talk about having core values - but in our case, these values are an authentic piece of our identity that we cultivate on a regular basis, not just words or an aspirational goal. Our core values are shared by entire team, and they make a real difference in how we work together every day. They bring out the best in us… and that in turn helps us to produce the very best work for our clients.

We'll try to avoid as many of 2020/2021's most overused words as possible, but it's fair to say that we've been learning some new things lately. The Metric team has been working exclusively from home for over a year - and we've learned a few things along the way about good collaboration and staying connected. Here are five 'connection points' we've established this year.

Metric encourages measurement in every initiative, be it a campaign, online content, or even support interactions with clients. The notion of what constitutes success, for our efforts and our marketing expenditures, is very important to us. We also live this philosophy internally in many ways. One of my roles as Office Manager is to measure and ...