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Meet Abi, one of Metric’s Marketing Strategists! As our first US-based employee, Abi works from her home base in Connecticut – but we find ways to stay closely connected despite the distance. Read on to hear about her experience as an always-remote team member. 

How did you decide to pursue an opportunity with a Winnipeg-based agency?

I met Metric during a workshop in 2021 hosted through AISAP—since then, I was always super interested in the work behind Admissions in the private school world. I was also super interested in working at an agency so I could learn more about a wider set of clients. When the time came for me to look for new opportunities, I remembered the AISAP workshop I attended and Metric just so happened to have an opening. It wasn’t until I was sending in my resume that I realized Metric was in Canada!

What were some of your concerns?

I think agency work can sometimes have a bad reputation for being a place for workaholics, or for getting burned out too quickly, so I was a little nervous about what I was getting into. I’ve had the opposite experience! One of my interviews was based solely on Metric’s core values, how I interpret them, and live them in my personal life. It was a clear sign that Metric understands that when employees are happy (and value happiness outside of work!), they want to continue learning and producing great, high-quality work.

What has it been like to work remotely for Metric?

I would be lying if I said there weren’t some days I wish I could go into the office (though, that would be quite the commute) but I consider that a result of my chronic FOMO. However, everyone at Metric and most notably, my team members on the creative team, have kept me included in absolutely everything. I’ve been able to take my work with me when traveling, and having that kind of flexibility has been incredible. And, being able to wear stretchy pants every day isn’t so bad.

What are some of the ways you stay connected to your Winnipeg-based teammates?

I am so lucky to have such an inclusive (and hysterical) set of coworkers. For starters, I am staying in touch with my team all day every day with the help of my good friend, Slack. It’s helped to be a quick way to send work to review, or chat with members of our team, or open a “huddle” to get a video call going to problem-solve on the fly. Being able to chat with my coworkers throughout the day has really helped me to feel connected, and like I have a whole friend group in a different country. Also, for the occasional office event, I’ve been FaceTimed in so I can participate from a distance, and I was flown into Winnipeg for our office holiday party!

What advice would you give to someone who's considering 'always remote' work?

A few things—evaluate if it's truly something that would be sustainable for your lifestyle. I think COVID gave everyone the opportunity to experience a taste of what remote work is like, and some people found it to be the best thing ever, and others will never take a call from their kitchen table again. There was a bit of a novelty to it at the time, but really evaluate if you think you can do it longer-term. Prioritize the things that keep you busy outside of work to find balance, and to give your brain and body a way to do something different. 

Also, when you’re interviewing for remote opportunities, understand that you’re interviewing them, too. Come prepared with questions about how they stay connected with their employees, what their expectations are for working hours (to ensure they prioritize their employees “shutting off” at the end of the day, or are okay with childcare pickups/drop offs), policies for working outside of your home (if coffee shops are your thing), etc. Make sure you feel right about the culture they’re cultivating, and that it's a right fit for you! It can really make or break the experience.

“Remote and flexible schedules provide employees with increased work-life balance, and we are happy to support our team no matter where they are located,” said Rannie Mymko, Metric’s HR Manager. “This includes offering remote team members the same benefits and perks that employees working locally receive and making everyone feel included.”

“We love having always-remote team members in our mix, and while it’s nice to hear why it’s a great fit for them, it’s a true win/win. The benefits to Metric include access to a larger talent pool and improved inclusivity, diversity, and exposure to different cultures – just to name a few.” 

She continued, “We also support the philosophy of working from anywhere – something that lets our local employees work outside of our home city. There are lots of reasons why this might be right for someone, from family needs to unique opportunities to simply needing a change of scenery for a few days. No matter the reason, offering this flexibility to work in a way that fits your life contributes to our culture of work-life balance.”

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