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It’s one thing to have values at your company, but it’s another thing to practice them everyday. At Metric Marketing, we truly believe in growth – for our clients and their organizations, but also for our team members. Read more about the Metric experience with interviews from three of our dedicated employees who are growing their careers with us.

Wesley Dyck, Senior Marketing Consultant

Wes joined Metric in September 2017 as an Account Executive and was recently promoted to the role of Senior Marketing Consultant. He says, “It’s important to note that coming into Metric I had a background in sales, but not marketing. Metric gave me the opportunity to build a foundation and refine my knowledge at an expert level.”

What do you remember about when you came on board at Metric?

Wes recalls his first days at Metric fondly. “Everyone in the office was extremely welcoming. Even with our small team at the time, it felt like a tight-knit family. And despite our significant growth, I believe that we've been able to maintain that same sense of inclusiveness and camaraderie within our expanding team. I remember being impressed by the office, back when it was just the top floor. Now our team has more than doubled in size, with the expansion of our workspace to include the main floor, which has been impressively renovated to surpass even the top floor.”

What were you hired to do and how has your job evolved?

In those early days as an Account Executive, much of Wes’ focus was on prospecting and helping marketing teams develop foundational assets and digital campaigns. He explains, “As we brought new clients on board, my role gradually evolved to encompass management and delivery of our work, affording me the opportunity to explore a diverse array of industries, from gas distribution to private education. After three years, I was promoted to the position of Senior Account Executive. In this role, I was required to operate at a much higher efficiency level in order to manage my increased responsibilities. As a result, I became the main point of contact for my clients, many of whom I had worked with for several years.”

“Fast-forward three more years to when I was appointed to the role of Senior Marketing Consultant. This new position has allowed me to continue to work closely with my clients to develop complex marketing strategies and become a true member of their team—stepping into a variety of roles, from acting CMO to marketing coordinator, as needed. During my time as an Account Executive, my overall capacity for managing clients has tripled, providing an opportunity for me to contribute to their success in even more impactful ways.” (Wes is truly Living The Philosophy of Measurement in the Metric Office!)

Why do you like working at Metric and why would others want to grow their career here too?

Metric's emphasis on work/life balance has enabled us to thrive amidst the pandemic. As a result, our company has wholeheartedly embraced remote work, providing us with the opportunity to collaborate with talented employees from different provinces and countries. Remote work has proven to be an excellent option for new parents, homeowners, hobbyists and anyone who desires to spend more quality time with their loved ones while fulfilling their professional responsibilities.

Wes elaborates, “Contrary to the common perception of remote work as a lonely experience, this is not the case at Metric. Through daily video conferences that are purposeful and productive, we engage in a collaborative and supportive environment. In addition to our weekly "culture days," which involve meeting up for lunch and connecting with colleagues outside of daily responsibilities, we also hold company events throughout the year.” 

In essence, Metric's prioritization of work/life balance and remote work has created an environment that fosters collaboration, community and personal growth.

Tyler Persaud, Senior Designer

Tyler made the switch from freelance to agency when he joined Metric in 2019. He was hired on contract for two months before getting a permanent position as a Graphic Designer in March 2019. In September 2021, he was promoted to Senior Designer.

What do you remember about when you came on board at Metric? 

Tyler remembers being a bit nervous to start his journey from freelance to agency, but explains that, “everyone I met and worked with was very helpful and great at onboarding me to get me in a place where I soon felt comfortable!”

 What is your advice for anyone wanting to join Metric in your department? 

Tyler’s three tips for anyone wanting to join Metric are:

  • You'll learn a lot and work with some really awesome people. 

  • It can be fast paced—so prepare yourself to hit hard deadlines.

  • We work with a wide range of clients that allows you to switch things up and not get stuck working on one brand.

Why do you like working at Metric and why would others want to grow their career here too?

Tyler explains,  “I like the people—they are all really great at their jobs and everyone is very different from one another, which makes everyday interesting and fun! My job allows me to figure out a visual problem and be creative on a daily basis. Putting good work out in the world is something I have always felt the need to do, and Metric allows me to do that.”

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Dinaz Mahudawala, Digital Advertising Director

Dinaz started at Metric in June 2019 as a Digital Marketing Specialist and has progressed through several positions over the years, including time spent working remotely from overseas during the pandemic.

What do you remember about when you came on board at Metric?

Metric was a very different place back in 2019, Dinaz recalls. “We had an in-person interview and I remember walking up the stairs and reading the Metric values incorporated in the design at the office and I tried to incorporate those keywords in my interview… I really thought that it landed me my job!”

“When I started, Meg (Digital Director) and I worked closely together. I think Meg did an excellent job in empowering me and letting me lead projects from the start which in turn has helped me a lot in building our Digital Campaign team over the last two years.”

What were you hired to do and how has your job evolved?

Dinaz has had quite a career progression at Metric!

  • Digital Marketing Specialist (June 2019 to September 2020)

  • Campaign Manager (September 2020 to September 2021) - leading a small campaign team with two members

  • Acting Digital Director (September 2021 to September 2022)

  • Digital Advertising Director (September 2022 to present) - leading the campaign team of six specialists

“When Meg went on maternity leave, I was honored to step into the role of Acting Digital Director and led a big team of campaign specialists, developers and analysts,” Dinaz explains. “2021-22 was a monumental year for both the digital team as well as Metric as we grew at an incredible pace and it was a huge achievement for me to be able to manage the team, support with projects and also hire and onboard new team members for the campaign team.”

What is your advice for anyone wanting to join Metric in your department?

Like most of our team, Dinaz says Metric is a great place to work! “I take pride in the team we have here and how collaborative and friendly everyone is,” she states. “Metric has always supported me in my personal and professional development over the years and I cannot thank the leadership team enough for the flexibility they provided me, to be able to support my family during the pandemic and work overseas when needed. My advice to anyone wanting to join Metric is that you need to be hard-working, have great attention to detail and love data and insights. If you want to grow and achieve big things, you have to strive to always go above and beyond.”

Why do you like working at Metric and why would others want to grow their career here too?

Metric is a fast growing organization, but culture is at its core and Dinaz loves the work we do here. She agrees that the adage is very true, "When you love what you do, you do not work a day in your life."

At the pace Metric is growing, it is a great time to be part of the family, because in the coming years, there will be lots of opportunities for growth.

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