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Summer School: Part 4 Reporting On Your Campaigns

When you have a clear measurement plan, reporting should be simple and straightforward. Read more to hear about a few tips to get you started on creating relevant and actionable reports.

Summer School: Part 3 Measuring Your Campaigns

When it comes to measuring any kind of analytics, always refer back to your measurement plan. Read more to understand how this will help you focus on the RIGHT metrics.

Google's Marketing Live 2019 conference just wrapped up.

Meghan Tooley, Digital Director for Metric runs through the newest products and features announced at this year's conference below. Needless to say, we’re excited to start implementing these for our clients.

Discovery Ads

These ads are designed to get in front of people who are not ...

Analyzing Conversion Paths with Google Attribution

Earlier this month Google announced that the beta of their new analytics suite product, Google Attribution is being opened up to more advertisers following positive early results since its launch back in April.

The newest addition to the G-Suite boasts some exciting new features - TV Attribution pairs ad spot data from broadcasters with ...

Cross Domain Tracking Is Easier Than You Think

In the online marketing game, analytics are everything. Measuring ruthlessly allows you to inform your decisions and make the best use of your advertising dollars to connect with your customers.

Google Analytics (GA) is the industry benchmark for gathering data about your website’s visitors.

But what happens when your company has more than ...

Reporting your digital data via monthly marketing reports has become the standard way to justify a company’s marketing spend with upper management and clients. But here in the age of data overload, not all data is relevant to all levels within an organization.

While there are many marketing reporting dashboards, free and paid, available to ...

Why did we create this guide?

This guide was created to educate marketers on ways to use email marketing to drive engagement and increase conversions. If you do business online, you’re always looking for ways to increase your bottom line. More sales is the goal we hear most often from our eCommerce clients and one of the most effective ways ...

Judging The Book By Its Cover

Email Subject Line Best Practices For Increasing Open Rates

You may have engaging imagery and highly-personalized content or offers, but all your hard work will be for nought if you don’t have carefully constructed email subject lines that compel customers to open in the first place.

Research reveals that 35% of customers open an email solely because of the subject line text, while a whopping 69% use ...

Over Half of Online Shoppers Abandon Carts

Get Yours Back

What are abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails, (also known as ‘recovery emails’) are an essential digital marketing tool used for targeting customers who have added products to their shopping cart but didn’t go on to complete the checkout process.

As of January 2016, the UK web research company, Baynard Institute identified that ...

The Customer (Experience) is King

How improving CX will grow your business

Once upon a time distinctive buy button and seamless checkout experience was all your online store required to impress your customer and differentiate from your competitors. But things have changed.

The loyal customer now represents an endangered species in a world of e-commerce that has become more advanced and refined in its processes. ...

Why your website needs to be mobile-friendly

In an effort to make it easier for users to find relevant, high quality search engine results that are optimized for their device, Google recently announced a change in their mobile search algorithm that will include ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking signal. This change means that if your website isn’t optimized to be viewed on a mobile ...


Why did we create this guide?

Marketing planning is crucial for marketing success, and now an even more important activity in the new era of marketing. With all of the different channels and technology options available today, marketing can get complex and confusing. Traditional advertising, online marketing, customer experience, ...

Reporting from Pubcon PPC + SEO

Day 3

Three days of energized and informative speakers, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, and #ppcchats over breakfast, Pubcon 2014 was a great experience for our Online Marketing Manager Cheryl. This was the conventions 15th anniversary and Cheryl is thrilled to pass on her notes from some industry heavy weights.

Here are her ...
Reporting from Pubcon 2014


Passionate marketers migrated to Las Vegas this week for Pubcon,  the premier social media and optimization conference.

Our Senior Online Marketing Consultant, Cheryl Hill, is in attendance and reporting on all the PPC + SEO knowledge. The conference continues today, but here are some of Cheryl's takeaways so far...

In-House SEO Training ...


Daily Checklist

Distraction is the nature of social media. Getting lost in the endless stream of information happens to the best of us. You login with the best intentions to update your company's daily piece of content (as stated in your marketing strategy) and get out, but somehow... an hour has passed and you're climbing out of a rabbit hole of articles, ...