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6 Tips for Better Email Newsletters

Incorporating a newsletter into your email marketing mix (or improving the one you already have) is not as daunting as it seems. Using these 6 steps as a guide, your journey to smart newsletters that your audience will want to read will become second-nature in no time.

Should Our School be on TikTok?

Marketing your school is getting increasingly competitive, and focusing your digital marketing strategy on one platform might not work anymore. With a steady growth rate and a ton of cultural buzz, it’s easy to see this popular platform’s appeal - but is TikTok right for your school?

Kids spend, on average, 75 minutes per day on TikTok

80% of TikTok users are between the ages 16-34

It was the most downloaded app of 2021 (and continues to be extremely popular)

At Metric, our clients have been able to ... Read More

It's tough to step into a new role - we know, because we've been there! Our partner Mike Connor from Connor Associates has too, and is here to offer some advice in the form of seven key questions to ask to ensure you're getting started on the right foot.

Avoiding a Website Redesign? Start Here.

Your website is one your school’s biggest marketing investments. Keeping it up to date is a big job. Optimizing its performance is an even bigger one. And knowing when it’s time to overhaul the whole thing? That’s downright overwhelming. Here, we’ll share five things to consider when you’re contemplating the right next step for your site.

The Data Everyone Should Care About

Marketing matters to everyone, and so does the data that can be extracted by relevant digital marketing operations. 

5 Trends to Try on TikTok This Month

Last week, Metric welcomed our creative director Lindsay’s daughter to the office for Take Our Kids To Work Day. While she was here, we took advantage of her Gen Z brain - and social media skills - to come up with this list of trends private and independent schools can leverage on TikTok to market your school this month to a key demographic of middle school and high school students.

Get an A+ in Google Marketing

What your school marketing team needs to know about the new GA4 

10 Steps to Understand & Define Your Target Audience

Are you curious to know how to define and understand your target audience to maximize marketing efforts? Here are some of the insights by Metric Marketing you can explore to assist in understanding and defining the target audience.

Top of the Class: Metric clients win at the EduAD Awards

Earlier this year, Metric Marketing - and three of our clients - were honoured at the annual EduAD Awards - a celebration of the best education industry marketing from across North America.

Lessons from the Pandemic

Here are four lessons private school marketers have learned - that are here to stay.

3 Golden Rules for Reporting To Your Board

Practical tips you can use to present school marketing data to your board efficiently & effectively—and achieve better results.

Measuring Your School’s Marketing Performance

How private and independent school marketers can evaluate success, and turn that data into news you can use.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Mix

Whether you’re building a digital marketing strategy from scratch or trying to optimize what you’re already doing, it can be difficult to make decisions about where to invest. 

In our industry study with NAIS conducted last year, we heard a lot of questions about this - so we thought we’d take some time to answer some of the most common ones here! 

Building a Strong Digital Marketing Foundation

How to set your private or independent school marketing team up for digital marketing success.

Turn Your Head of School Into a Marketing Champion

Learn how private & independent school marketers can use data to turn their Heads of School into marketing advocates.