Private Schools Marketing

Any way you look at it, 2020/21 is going to be a different year for private school recruitment. Remote learning like we’ve seen this year represents a sea of change in the delivery of education. But with students and parents at home on their computers, it also represents an opportunity for private schools to recruit more strategically. Here’s how.


  • Measurement & analytics: Get the right answers with the right data
  • Gather data: Integrate analytics with school management software
  • Build an agile campaign: Address what parents care about

Learn how to tap the power of data to optimize your school’s marketing strategy, so those already looking for your school can find you easily online.

If “data,” “optimize” and “strategy” sound like buzzwords, don’t be discouraged. They show up in marketing conversations for a good reason. Let’s discuss what they mean.


  • What kind of data are we talking about?
  • Optimizing your KPIs, CTAs and ROI
  • Strategy is what you do with your data and insights

Millennials are the world’s leading generation. Every year, 82 per cent of babies are born to millennial parents. Find out how to market your private school to this powerful—and unprecedented—generation.


  • Overview of who millennial parents are
  • Millennial parents' habits and catering to them
  • Overview of steps to successfully market your private school to millennial parents

Learn how to turn five common website challenges faced by private and independent schools into marketing opportunities.

Many school websites today function well as online brochures, but they may not meet the needs of those using your site. The good news is that your website challenges are your greatest opportunities.


  • Five challenges with school websites today
  • Turn your challenges into opportunities
  • Steps you can take to improve your school’s website

Learn how to increase the visibility of your school online through improved search, content, digital and bandwidth opportunities on your school’s website.


    • Five common pitfalls of school websites today include inconsistent information, unhelpful Search Engine Results Page (SERP) titles and descriptions, no access to analytics or tracking on your site, losing track of people interested in your school, and a website that’s slow to load.
    • You can improve your website’s performance by ensuring your school info is clear and consistent, writing enticing SERP titles and descriptions, enabling Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your website, keeping track of your leads and learning how to increase the loading speed of your site.