Private Schools Marketing

3 Golden Rules for Reporting To Your Board

Practical tips you can use to present school marketing data to your board efficiently & effectively—and achieve better results.

Measuring Your School’s Marketing Performance

How private and independent school marketers can evaluate success, and turn that data into news you can use.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Mix

Whether you’re building a digital marketing strategy from scratch or trying to optimize what you’re already doing, it can be difficult to make decisions about where to invest. 

In our industry study with NAIS conducted last year, we heard a lot of questions about this - so we thought we’d take some time to answer some of the most common ones here! 

Building a Strong Digital Marketing Foundation

How to set your private or independent school marketing team up for digital marketing success.

Turn Your Head of School Into a Marketing Champion

Learn how private & independent school marketers can use data to turn their Heads of School into marketing advocates.

Top Marketing Priorities For Private Schools In 2022

Learn what’s keeping other private and independent schools’ marketing teams up at night (and what they’re planning to do about it).

How are Marketing Teams Structured in Other Schools?

Learn about how independent school marketing teams are structured, the functions they provide, and best practices to streamline & strengthen your approach.

Metric + NAIS Independent School Survey Summary

A summary of the 2021 NAIS State of Independent School Marketing Survey, in partnership with Metric Marketing. Sign up to learn more.

Marketing to Gen Z

EdwardsCo is a branding, marketing and communications company with over 40 years of experience working with private schools in the United States. We're proud to partner with them to provide leading-edge branding products that reflect your school’s values and resonate with target audiences. 

Here's one of their most popular blog posts, full of actionable insights for your school's marketing team.
Social Media For Schools: Choosing The Right Mix

In this article, we explore seven popular social media channels, and show you how to pick and prioritize the right mix for your school.

Social Media Strategy for Schools

Social media can be a valuable asset for marketing and admissions to promote your private or independent school. A blog post by Metric Marketing.

4 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Using better marketing and effective digital ad campaigns to increase traffic to your website is a great first step… but will you be able to capitalize on the opportunity and turn visitors into leads? In this post, we take a dive into understanding Conversion Rate Optimization - or CRO - and putting it to work for you.

8 Ways to Fill Seats at Your Next Open House

In this article, our private school marketing experts offer these eight tips to ensure your open house is as effective as possible in supporting your enrollment efforts.

9 Reasons To Work With An Education Marketing Company

If you look around at some of the top marketing agencies of today, you’ll notice a standout difference: they’re increasingly steering away from being generalists and leaning into specific areas of expertise. And the benefits to their clients are myriad—from quicker turnaround times, to more streamlined integration with their in-house team, to greater ROI when all’s said and done. In this article, we examine the power of sector-specific education marketing expertise.

Helping private and independent schools deepen their customer relationships - and ultimately, improve their bottom line.